Rigel QuickFinder

After a period of time with the Daisy red-dot sight on my ETX and using an Astro-Physics Starfire with a Telrad finder, I decided I needed something similar. I went with the Rigel QuickFinder, available from many mail-order companies (including Scopetronix) based on its low cost and its detachability.

This is just a fabulous addition to my ETX! It's never been easier for me to locate objects. I frequently bypass the finder and go right from the QF to the ETX eyepiece, since even at high magnifications, the object is usually in the field of view!

Detaching the QF for transport and reattaching it later does not seem to affect the accuracy of the QF; there's no wobble at all when attached to the base. It is possible to knock the reticle's adjustment off a bit if you hit one of the knobs, but it's simple to dial it back in if needed, and no tools are required.

The brightness of the reticle is variable, and it can be set to pulse. In addition, the rate of the pulsing is also settable. This is a $20 option on a Telrad!

The QuickFinder ships with 2 bases for use on multiple scopes, which is a nice touch.

The Daisy sight was fine for the job, but the Rigel QuickFinder is a joy to use. I love it!

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