Daisy Red-Dot Finder

After struggling with the original Meade finder on the ETX, one of the first accessories I bought, based on the positive feedback from Mike Weasner's Mighty ETX Website, was a Daisy finder. It made a lot of difference to the usability of the scope! I didn't bother stripping the coating off the lens, but did add the potentiometer so that the dot could be dimmed. Over time I replaced it with the Rigel QuickFinder, but I still feel the Daisy mod is the best addition you can make in terms of value.

The one downside of the Daisy was that it sat very low on the ETX. This made polar alignment difficult but at least possible. Raising it an inch or so would have been ideal. This is now provided thanks to Scopetronix, who now sell a special ETX version of this site which has a raised dovetail mounting bracket and dual brightness levels.

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