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Since the day I brought home my "classic" ETX (now called the ETX90-RA by Meade), I've been adding onto it with accessories left and right! Some of these would have been unnecessary had I waited a few months and been able to get the ETX/EC, but hindsight is 20/20.

You won't find a lot of graphics here; there are no frames, and none of those annoying animated GIFs. You don't need Java or the latest version of Netscape or Internet Extorter to view this site. There are a few photos on the site, but they'll always be relatively small for fast loading.

What you will find are my thoughts, comments and ideas about the "classic" Meade ETX and various accessories that I've purchased for it.

You may notice the name Scopetronix mentioned all over the place; I have no connection with the company except that of a very happy customer. Jordan Blessing, Scopetronix's owner, has done a great job of supplying the ETX owner with a wonderful array of useful gadgets and gizmos at reasonable prices. He's got almost as much of my money as Meade does at this point, and I consider it all well-spent :)

I also liked the folks at Pocono Mountain Optics East, but they seem to have gone out of business. Too bad... I need to find another dealer for those times when Scopetronix can't get what I need for some reason.

I hope that folks find this site helpful and interesting. If you've got any thoughts or comments, please feel free to send them along to me at

Please check out the home page for the Frosty Drew Observatory. It's the place where I spend every Friday night that the stars are out (and a few when they're not!). If you live in Rhode Island, why not make the trip?

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